Thin Film Evaporators

Thin Film Evaporator - Design Principles

Design Principles

LCI offers thin film / wiped film evaporator designs in a wide range of configurations.

Rotor Designs
Thin film / Wiped film Rotor Designs
  • Fixed Clearance for all horizontal designs and most vertical applications for less viscous liquids, generally less than 50,000 cps
  • Wiped Film/Hinged Blade for materials with very high fouling tendencies or vaporization ratios
Rotor Orientation
  • Vertical is used for most applications. The vertical configuration provides reliable, efficient processing of viscous and fouling fluids. Units are available with either an internal or external bottom bearing.
  • Horizontal designs are ideal for applications where longer residence times are required for mass transfer and reactions, or where headroom is limited. The tapered configuration allows adjustment of the rotor clearance to control residence time, and assures heat transfer surface wetting at low throughput rates.
Vapor Flow
  • Countercurrent is used for most vertical applications since it maximizes both heat and mass transfer efficiencies and accommodates internal vapor/liquid entrainment separation.
  • Co-Current is the best choice for applications where there is heavy vapor loading, foaming, or flashing.

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