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Brand Names

LCI Thin Film and Wiped Film Evaporator Brand Names

LCI Corporation's many thin film and wiped film evaporation technologies are known by a number of trade and product names. In 1992, we changed our name to LCI after having been known as Luwa for over 30 years. And in addition to our long collaboration with Buss-SMS-Canzler, we have acquired product lines from several manufacturers.

LCI sells and services all these products and technologies:

Manufacturer Names

  • Luwa
  • Buss-SMS-Canzler
  • Blaw-Knox
  • Chemetron
  • Cherry-Burrell
  • Kontro
  • Rodney Hunt
  • Anco / Votator

Product Names

  • Ajust-O-Film®
  • Filmtruder®
  • LabVap®
  • Roto-Vak®
  • Sako™
  • Sambay®
  • Samvac®
  • Turba-Film®
  • Viscon®
  • Vistrac®
  • Vistran®

*The Filmtruder, Viscon, Sako, Sambay, and Samvac names are registered trademarks of LCI's partner, Buss-SMS-Canzler.

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