Table Feeder

Our Circle FeederTM Table Feeder is unique in that it prevents bridging in hoppers, bins, and silos. This is accomplished by properly sizing the round inlet of the feeder to exceed the critical arching diameter of the feed material.

Flat, slow-rotating vanes cause radial flow of material under the flow adjusting ring. Rotary vanes convey this material toward one or more discharge ports . The design allows for the widest range of applications including powders, fibers, flakes, wet cakes, etc.

Table Feeder

Features and Benefits

  • Simple design of feeder uses gravity to facilitate discharge
  • Low energy consumption, 68 ft3/min with 10 hp motor
  • Round opening up to 12 ft. in diameter
  • Eliminates bridging and easily fits to existing silos
  • Slow rotating vanes, at .05 to 5.0 rpm
  • Low maintenance Gentle handling of the product
  • Multiple discharge ports
  • Feed multiple downstream processes or split the process stream
  • 2-way capacity adjustment, flow adjusting ring height and shaft rpm
  • Allows up to 20:1 turndown
  • Patented design insures mass flow
  • No material holdup in hopper; first-in first-out
  • Motor and gearbox easily accessible
  • Minimizes downtime

Design Options

  • High temperature, up to 500°C
  • Load cells for high accuracy
  • Clamshell design for easy cleaning
  • Airtight design for feeding pneumatic conveying systems
  • Explosion-proof electricals
  • Sanitary and cGMP feeders available

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