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Marumerizer QJ-230T Lab Spheronizer

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The lab spheronizer, Marumerizer Model QJ-230T, allows researchers and new product developers a means to easily evaluate the effectiveness of spheronization on their extruded products. The QJ-230T's size and unique features allow it to evaluate batch sizes as small as one liter, while generating product indicative of a full scale production system.

The QJ-230T can be easily assembled with the desired friction plate for spheronization. Moist granules, from an extruder or mixer, are fed into the spinning friction plate and thrown against the inside of the Marumerizer Spheronizer, forming a “twisting rope”.

Collisions of the particles with the wall, friction plate, and other particles result in plastic deformation of the granules, forming spheres. The final shape of particles is time and formulation dependent. Once the desired particle shape is achieved, the batch is discharged through a manual plug valve/discharge chute, collected, and dried.

Finished Spheronizer Product

Features and Benefits

  • One liter working volume
  • Benchtop device ideal for a laboratory environment
  • Easy disassembly of process parts
  • 230 mm diameter friction plate
  • Friction plates available with groove spaces of 2-8 mm
  • Variable plate speeds between 600-1800 rpm
  • GMP design with 316SS product contact parts
  • 304SS jacketed bowl for heating/cooling
  • 1.0 hp 230 VAC/3/60 inverter duty motor
  • Separate stainless steel control panel with PLC, Variable Frequency Drive, and touch screen


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