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Production & Laboratory Extruders

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Production & Laboratory Extruder Technologies

LCI Corporation, formerly Luwa, provides a wide variety of wet extrusion technologies for converting wet powders into free flowing granules. LCI’s pharmaceutical and laboratory extruders are manufactured by Fuji Paudal of Osaka, Japan, a world leader in powder agglomeration technology. For over 30 years, LCI has been Fuji Paudal’s exclusive distributor in the Americas. The LCI Extrusion/Spheronization team is composed of engineers with years of highly specialized process experience, specifically in this area of agglomeration. LCI handles every aspect of the customer relationship — initial assessment, product testing / scale-up, quotations, project management, commissioning, and post-sale support. The LCI team can provide technology for all applications from laboratory scale to production, as individual components or full integrated systems.

LCI’s low pressure extrusion systems are extensively used to produce extruded pesticides in the form of Water Dispersible Granules (WDG) and Water Soluble Granules (WSG)

Extruder twin dome

How it works

The Extruder transforms the homogeneous wet mass into well-formed cylindrical extrudates of a controlled diameter. The extrudates break off by their own weight and are collected for the next processing step. Depending on the desired end product, the wet extrudates will either be spheronized or dried.


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Extrusion & Spheronization brochure
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