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Buss-SMS-Canzler GmbH (SMS)

LCI Corporation, a company in the Nederman Group, has signed an agreement with the German company Buss-SMS-Canzler GmbH (SMS). The agreement deepens a relationship dating back to LCI’s beginnings in 1961 and will give LCI access to unique and specialized technologies to sell into its core markets, i.e. the Americas.

SMS will gain access to LCI’s Process and Applications Engineering, Test Center, Project management, and local manufacturing for modular skid systems. The cooperation will give SMS a growth opportunity to sell its specialty Dryers/Evaporators outside of its core markets, i.e. EU and APAC. For more information, contact John Fields, VP and General Manager, LCI Corporation.

Dalton (Fuji Paudal)

LCI has been the exclusive distributor of Fuji Paudal’s extrusion and spheronization technology in the Americas for over 30 years.

Fuji Paudal’s world leading powder agglomeration technology is engineered and manufactured in Japan, and provides a one of a kind a unique solution to process industries all over the world.

Their specialized equipment is used and trusted by many of the largest pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies in the world.


In 1997 LCI Corporation formed a partnership with Yoshikawa Corporation. As a result of our partnership, LCI is the exclusive supplier to the process industries in North and South America for Yoshikawa's unique, patented Circle Feeder, the best solution for feeding many difficult-to-flow solid materials.

Clients in the Americas who are interested in evaluating the Circle Feeder are welcome to contact LCI to discuss your application, obtain pricing, and set up trials at the LCI Test Center.

Amandus Kahl

LCI is the exclusive representative of Amandus Kahl in the United States for Chemical/Industrial applications. The Kahl pellet press (pellet mill) is used in many applications throughout the chemical, plastics, ceramics, beverage, and other industries.

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