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Evaporation Literature

General Information

Overview of LCI's Process Separation Technologies

How Thin-film Separation Works

Evaporator Design Options

Chemical Engineering magazine article: "Selecting Evaporators for Process Applications"

Chemical Processing magazine article: "Evaporation of Difficult Products"

World Class Quality and Responsible Care through LCI Agitated Thin-film Thermal Separation Systems

Technical Brochure Datasheets with Dimensions

Sanitary Super LabVap Brochure

Lab Scale Short Path Evaporator

Labvap Thin Film Evaporator Technical Bulletin

Lecithin Dryer Technical Bulletin

Vertical Evaporator Turba-Film Processor™ Technical Brochure

Horizontal Evaporator Ajust-O-Film™ Processor Technical Brochure

Dryers Technical Brochure

High Viscosity Processing Technical Brochure

Short Path Evaporation Technical Brochure

Selection, Configuring, Tables, and Graphs

Evaporator Comparison

Dyers Summary of LCI Drying Technology

High Viscosity Positioning of Viscous Concentration, Devolatilization, and Reaction Technologies


Concentration of Viscous, Heat Sensitive Food Products

Oil Rerefining and Used Oil Distillation

Specialty Polyester Production

Concentrate temperature sensitive pharmaceutical or food products

Production of Adhesives, Coatings, and Sealants

Solvent Recovery from Residues

Lecithin Dryers

Lab / Development

D-Velpac Evaporator

LCI's Test Center

LabVap® Thin-film Evaporator

Preliminary Evaluation Service

Chemical Engineering magazine article:"Scaleup of Agitated Thin-film Evaporators"


Thin-film Evaporation Questionnaire

Indirect Contact Drying Questionnaire


LCI Parts and Repair Services: Thin-film Processors

Evaporator Rotor Repair Service

Thin-film Evaporator Repair Service


Articulo de la Revista “Chemical Processing” que describe evaporación por película fina agitada

Como Opera la Evaporación por Pelîcula Fina Agitada

Descripción de Servicio de Evaluacion Preliminar

Cuestionario sobre evaporación

Boletín sobre el sistema LabVap

Información sobre servicio de reparación de LCI


Artigo publicado na Chemical Processing descrevendo a evaporação por película fina

Como Trabalha a Evaporação por Película-Fina

Descrição do Serviço de Avaliação Preliminar

Questionário de Evaporação

Boletim LabVap

Serviço de Informação de Reparos da LCI

Solids Literature


Evaporation Videos
Granulation Videos

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