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Preliminary Evaluation Study

Our Preliminary Evaluation Study (PES)  enables us to assess your requirements and determine whether LCI technology may be the best fit for your application.

Pilot Plant Testing

After positive results are achieved in a PES, a Pilot Plant Test (PPT) is scheduled to demonstrate production feasibility. We invite our clients to attend this stage of testing that generates product qualification samples, commercial design scale-up data and confirms operating conditions.  The length of the tests can vary depending on product quantities and test objectives. 

Quotation & Design

LCI engineers develop a total solution to meet our customer’s needs, present fixed price proposal, and complete in-house process and mechanical design of equipment to fully engineered systems.

Equipment Delivery & Support

Our commitment to customer satisfaction means the equipment we supply will be completed on time, on budget, and with the highest quality possible.

We provide onsite commissioning support during the startup of the equipment to ensure proper installation and process optimization.

LCI is on call 24/7 to help with technical advice, troubleshooting in the field, or promptly supplied replacement parts.

We keep permanent record of your system at our Charlotte, NC headquarters. If you need a major overhaul or component repair, we can quickly help.


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