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Spheronization - How to make Spherical Pellets

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  • Spheronizer overview

  • Spheronization Applications

  • Making the Spherical Pellets

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Spheronizer overview

The Marumerizer spheronizer produces consistently uniform spherical granules at the size you need to perfect your application.

The creation of spherical pellets can bring high value to your process and your business. Spherical pellets can help improve your product, simplify plant procedures, and reduce costs.

Traditionally it has been difficult to reliably and accurately spheronize material. Fortunately, exceptional Japanese engineering and manufacturing from Fuji Paudal have created a reliable and cost-effective method for the spheronization of today’s high-performance products.

The wide range of options for particle size means that the Marumerizer is perfectly suited to solve your specific application problem. The Marumerizer quickly and efficiently creates spherical particles to enhance your production process.

Spheronization Applications


Spherical pellets are particularly useful in the pharmaceutical industry for controlled and modified release applications.

Spheronization for Pharmaceuticals

Food Products

Spherical pellets have many benefits in the food industry as well. Pelletizing powder additives helps to improve their bulk density and allow for improved subsequent processing.

Spheronization for Food

Agricultural Chemical

The agrochemical industry also greatly benefits from the utilization of spherical pellets. Spheres help with fast release of your active ingredients without creating hazardous dusts.

Spheronization for AgroChemical


Many of the same benefits found in pharma, food, and agrochemical industries hold true for the chemical industry as well. In addition to improving your product’s consistency, bulk density, and handling; spherical pellets also enhance the absorption of your products.

Spheronization for Chemical

Making the Spherical Pellets

Marumerizer Spheronization

How the Marumerizer Works

The Marumerizer incorporates three principal, precision made components: a vertical cylinder with discharge port, a circular “friction” plate and a variable speed drive train which turns the plate.

Damp cylindrical segments from the extruder are introduced into the Marumerizer bowl from above. As extrudate falls onto the rotating plate, the segments break into cylindrical pellets approximately one millimeter long. Each particle is hurled against the inside wall of the cylindrical bowl. Centrifugal and gravitational forces create a mechanically fluidized ring of particles which slowly rotates against the inside wall of the Marumerizer.

Collisions with the wall, friction plate and other particles result in the plastic deformation of each granule as shape gradually changes from cylindrical to spherical. The desired shape for a specific application is time dependent, and is achieved predictably and repeatedly in a very brief period called the “spheronizing” time.

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The wide range of particle choices from the Marumerizer offers the perfect solution for a variety of industries:


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