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Prevent Ratholing and Bridging in your Hopper

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  • Preventing Ratholing and Bridging

  • Circle Feeder Benefits


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Preventing Ratholing and Bridging

prevent hopper bridging and ratholing

Prevent material arching, bridging, and ratholing with the Circle Feeder. The large open inlet exceeds most materials’ critical arching diameter, preventing bridging and ratholing. High viscous material can be fed through the feeder and discharger smoothly and efficiently. The unique construction allows for quantitative dosing steadily and evenly. The Circle Feeder can be manufactured with several outlets for “one to multiple” feeding, which saves on the amount of equipment, space and maintenance costs. First-in first-out, last-in last-out. This prevents bridging and segregation and has a compact construction for easy maintenance.

Segregation is the uneven distribution of components in powder material that occur during flows of the material due to differences in physical properties of its components. Segregation is difficult to check visually, and there are many adverse effects resulting from segregation during storage and handling of powder. Circle Feeder is the premier choice feeder that can prevent the segregation during mass flow discharging.

The Circle Feeder can be used as a material feeder, large industrial feeder, laboratory feeder, powder feed, volumetric feeder, and dry chemical feeder. The Circle Feeder can also be used in place of the screw feeder, belt feeder, bulk feeder, and hopper feeder. It has also been used as a solution in place of the rotary feeder, weigh feeder, powder silos, and within powder feed systems.

Circle Feeder Benefits

Eliminate bridging - The inlet exceeds most materials arching diameters

Eliminate ratholing -  Mass flow – First in- First out

Gentle product handling and low energy use -  Slowly rotating parts

Highest accuracy and consistency - Wide range of products and options to fit specific needs

Easy cleaning - Units specifically design to minimize downtime

Low profile design - Circle shape minimizes height requirements saving you money


LCI Corporation, based in Charlotte, NC, formed a partnership with Yoshikawa Corporation, of Kagoshima, Japan, in 1997. LCI is the exclusive supplier to the process industries in North and South America for Yoshikawa’s unique, patented Circle Feeder, the best solution for many difficult-to-flow solid materials. LCI has a Test Facility in Charlotte, NC with a range of Circle Feeders for testing.

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