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Multi Granulator MG-55 Lab Extruder

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The Multi Granulator is a bench-scale, single screw extruder. The Multi Granulator provides quick and easy evaluation of three types of low pressure extrusion techniques - dome, radial, and axial.

Multi Granulator Extruder Types

The Multi Granulator is easy to setup and assemble with any of the three extrusion configurations for immediate use. A wet mix is separately prepared by hand-mixing or in a small batch mixer, also available from LCI. The extruder is fitted with the appropriate die (or screen). The prepared wet mix is manually fed through the feed hopper. The wet mass is transported to the extrusion zone by the feed screw. The wet mix is gently wiped through the die (or screen), yielding well formed extrudates.

Features and Benefits

  • Easily converts into a dome, radial, or axial extruder
  • Capable of extruding granules from 0.6 mm to 8.0 mm diameter: axial from 2.0 mm to 8.0 mm diameter; radial from 0.6 mm to 1.2 mm diameter; dome from 0.6 mm to 2.0 mm diameter
  • GMP design with 316SS contact parts
  • 15-20 kg/hr extrusion rate
  • Single screw extruder with variable speed (42-85 rpm)
  • 1.0 hp 230 VAC/3/60 inverter duty motor
  • Quick clamps allow for easy assembly/disassembly, cleaning, and conversion to any of the three extrusion configurations. No tools required.
  • Separate stainless steel control panel with PLC, Variable Frequency Drive, and touch screen


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