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LabVap® System

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LabVap Systems

Feed material is metered into the thin-film evaporator at a steadily controlled rate by an LCI or Customer supplied feed system suitable for the particular feed material.

Upon entering the evaporator, the feed is immediately distributed onto the thermal wall, by the spinning rotor, as an agitated, thin liquid film. The product is maintained in a turbulent, thin liquid film by the rotor as it travels through the evaporator. Under these very favorable heat and mass transfer conditions, rapid evaporation occurs, and the vapor exits through the top vapor outlet for condensation in an LCI or Customer supplied surface condenser.

The concentrate (bottoms) flows out of the evaporator bottom outlet by gravity into an LCI or Customer supplied discharge system.

Capacity can be varied by adjusting the feed rate, heating temperature, rotor speed, and/or vacuum to achieve the desired composition result.

LCI's LabVap® system is available in a cart mounted arrangement in addition to a standard skid system. The cart mounted system provides even greater ease of use along with quick setup and disassembly. The portable system includes a feed vessel, a metering pump, 0.25 sq. ft. horizontal thin film evaporator, shell and tube condenser, vacuum pump, and Erlenmeyer flasks for collection of concentrate and distilled products. LabVap® systems are being used to develop products and processes involving thermal separation of process streams.

Features and Benefits

LCI's LabVap® is a small laboratory thin film evaporator for R&D facilities developing products/processes involving thermal separation of process streams using evaporation. The LabVap is designed for evaluating a variety of applications. Features include:

  • The basic LabVap® is provided with a back plate
  • Only small quantities of material needed
  • Fits under a laboratory hood or on a benchtop
  • 1/4 square foot or 1/2 square foot of heat transfer surface
  • 316SS process wetted parts
  • Heating temperatures up to 650° Fahrenheit
  • Quick disassembly/assembly for ease of cleaning
  • Countercurrent and co-current options
  • Typical feed rate range of 2-20 lb/hr


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