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Benchtop Granulator BTG (KAR-75) Lab Extruder

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LCI's Benchtop Granulator BTG (KAR-75) is a small tabletop extruder which provides the researcher and new product developer a means to quickly evaluate low pressure extrusion. It is therefore an essential tool for new product development. The BTG can produce small product samples that are indicative in characteristics to product that’s generated on LCI’s production scale extruders.

Due to the small quantities required for evaluation (minimum 100 grams), the BTG can be used to evaluate new, valuable products that are not often available in large quantities or that are too costly to use for testing.

A wet mix is separately prepared by hand-mixing or in a small batch mixer, also available from LCI. The BTG is fitted with the appropriate screen. The prepared wet mix is manually fed through the feed hopper, sometimes with the aid of a plunger. The wet mix is gently wiped through the screen by rotating extrusion blades, yielding well formed extrudates that are collected in a receiving pan.  Shaft speed and extrusion gap can be adjusted.

Finished Extruder Product

Features and Benefits

  • Bench-scale unit
  • 304 stainless steel product contact parts
  • Simple assembly/disassembly
  • Speed knob for variable shaft speed
  • Includes three screens with 0.8, 1.0, and 1.2 mm diameter holes (other screen sizes are available)
  • Plug & Play system, 110VAC single phase


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