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How We Solve Pharmaceutical Problems

LCI Corporation offers customized solutions and process expertise to solve your most difficult solid and liquid pharmaceutical process problems. From the development and production of high API, or controlled release pellets to the evaporation or drying of your liquid API's, LCI has process experts ready to develop the customized solution to fit your specific needs. LCI's core products include extrusion-spheronization equipment, thin film evaporators, and short path evaporators. LCI also offers solid handling equipment that can assist you with difficult to feed materials.

Solids Applications

Our process solutions allow us to do what was previously difficult or impossible for our clients, including:

  • Achieve maximum drug loading of your API
  • Create smaller spheres with higher drug loading than the typical limitations of spheres produced by drug layering
  • Easily combine incompatible active ingredients (multiparticulate systems)
  • Create a pellets for a more patient friendly dosage form for Geriatric and Pediatric populations or for those who would otherwise have difficulty swallowing a pill
  • Create controlled release pellets with narrow particle size distribution resulting in highly controlled release profiles
  • Develop a pelletization process with excellent process repeatability
  • Scale up from the laboratory to production easily
  • Increase yield of high value products
  • Tamper proof products with the use of matrix pellets
  • Limit side effects with pellets that disperse and do not dose dump locally as with tablets
  • Achieve faster processing of large quantities as compared with spheres produced by drug layering
  • Allow for extended patent life with a more complex drug delivery system
  • Benefit from formulation and technical support from process experts

Liquid Applications

Our process solutions allow us to do what was previously difficult or impossible for our clients, including:

  • Concentrate active ingredients (AI)
  • Gently distill solvents from temperature sensitive products
  • Concentration of botanical extracts and fermentation broths
  • Dry and dewater dilute products
  • Low heat history/short residence time
  • Achieve consistent product quality with continuous processing
  • Strip impurities/solvents down to very low residual levels
  • Short residence resulting in better product quality, consistency, repeatability, and control especially for once through continuous configurations
  • Designs incorporating clean-in-place (CIP) requirements

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