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Food and Beverage

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How We Solve Food/Beverage Problems

LCI Corporation offers customized solutions and process expertise to solve your most difficult liquid and solid food and beverage application process problems. From handling your most difficult thermal separation processes to creating easier to handle pellets from powders, LCI has process experts ready to develop the customized solution to fit your specific needs. LCI's core products include thin film evaporators, short path evaporators, high viscosity processors, and extrusion-spheronization/pelletization equipment. LCI also offers solid handling equipment that can assist with difficult to feed materials.

Liquid Applications

Our process solutions allow us to do what was previously difficult or impossible for our clients, including:

  • Strip solvents from temperature sensitive products
  • Concentration and purification of botanical extracts and fermentation broths
  • Improved heat transfer, mass transfer, and flowability for viscous concentrated products
  • Remove moisture from natural products such as lecithin, cheese-base products, high viscosity sugar-like products, fruit and vegetable purees, gelatin, and many others
  • Obtain high product purity by stripping impurities down to very low residual levels
  • Short residence resulting in better product quality, consistency, repeatability, and control especially for once through continuous configurations
  • Process foul-prone or foaming products
  • Run at deep vacuums to distill high-boiling or temperature sensitive materials
  • Designs incorporating clean-in-place (CIP) and sanitary requirements

Solids Applications

Our process solutions allow us to do what was previously difficult or impossible for our clients, including:

  • Pelletize powder additives to improve their bulk density and allow for improved subsequent processing
  • Create spherical pellets to achieve your controlled release needs
  • Achieve better dosing with easier to handle pelletized form from powders
  • Develop an improved pelletized form of instant soup, beverage, or sweetener that flows better out of packaging  and quickly disperses in water
  • Allow for a greater shelf life of flavors and enzymes with a pelletized form
  • Provide a dust free, easier to handle form of a powder that is more attractive to consumers
  • Obtain better product consistency
  • Eliminate issues with bridging or flow of difficult to feed material
  • Benefit from formulation and technical support from process experts

Food and Beverage Case Studies

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